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Wild Heavy Metal


  • José García: Voz
  • Javier Pastor: Guitarra
  • Jaime Núñez: Guitarra
  • Juanma Castaño: Bajo
  • Niko Fernández: Batería

Datos de Contacto

  • Madrid, (Madrid)
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Más Información sobre Wild

WILD was born in 2002, by the hand of Javier Pastor (guitars, vocals) and Antonio Marcos (guitars), as a heavy metal project. Two years later, and after some changes in the line-up, Juan Jaramillo (drums) and Javier Endara (bass) became part of the band. From 2006 on they did many shows in small places, introducing new tracks from their demo "Heavy Metal" (2007). Before the recordings, Sergio Sardón joined as the new bassman and Javier Pastor left main vocal work to Javier Endara, focusing in guitars.

In May 2009, the band enter the M20 studios (Madrid) to record their first professional work, the EP "Calles de Fuego", produced by David Martínez. Ed Repka (Megadeth, Venom...) signed its great cover. Some time after, Antonio Marcos and Sergio Sardón left the band, being replaced by Jaime Núñez (guitars) and Sergio González (bass).

Between February and March 2011 Wild recorded "La Nueva Orden", their first LP in Traste Cero studios (Madrid); produced by Ángel "Choco" Muñoz (Steel Horse) and WILD. One more time, featuring Ed Repka's art on the cover. An intense tour took the band all over Spain and Portugal, opening for bands like Vicious Rumors and Raven.

Juan Jaramillo left the band, and Javier Gordillo (drums) replaced him in December 2011. The same year, Stormspell Records contacted WILD to release an american version of "La Nueva Orden".

2012 is a year full of concerts, sharing stage with great bands like Striker, Cauldron, Picture, RAM, Antichrist, Midnight Priest, Steel horse, Centinela and Skull Fist. In April 2012, a little tour named "Dutch Attack" with Gloria Victis took them to the Netherlands, opening for legendary formations: Avenger, Vortex, Jaguar, Martyr and Transmission.

"La Noche del Pecado" maxi-single was released in 2013 as a warm-up for the upcoming LP. Sergio González left the band and was temporarily replaced by Ángel Muñoz (Steel Horse, Nigromante) to accomplish band's agenda in renamed european fests like the dutch Heavy Metal Maniacs Headbangers Open Air in Germany.

Later 2013, Jorge "Yoryo" Ramos covers definitely the bassman role. The US label Sliptrick Records signs with WILD to release their second LP: "En Tierra Hostil".

In april 2014, "En Tierra Hostil" is released worldwide, receiving a great response from the press and fans. Later, in august, WILD split ways with Javier Endara, and José García (Mercurio, ex-Posesión) becomes the new frontman; performing live with the band in a minitour with the legendary dutch band Picture around Spain and Portugal.

Javier Gordillo and Jorge Ramos left the band in 2015, and was replaced by Niko Fernández on drums and temporarily by Sergio González on bass to face the shows. It would not be until 2016 when Juanma Castaño entered the band to take the bassist role, coinciding with the preparation of their third LP called “Sin Piedad”.

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